Prayer to the Holy Spirit for Enlightenment of Christians



– by Allan Boyd

O Spirit of Life & Truth, Comforter, and Heavenly Counselor,
Enlighten our eyes to see the needs of others;
Open our deaf ears that we may hear their cries;
Break our hearts so that we too may feel their anguish and understand what brings them joy.
Enthuse us with holy courage so that we will stand up in the face of the greed, self-absorption and might of the powerful, to defend the oppressed, the poor, and the helpless.
Show us where love, hope and faith are urgently needed, and use our lives to transmit those virtues to the suffering, who each carry the divine created image and Your breath within them.
Attend to our own sinful ears, eyes, hearts and lives with Your healing ministry, so that we may in these coming days begin anew, in praise and thanksgiving to participate in the ministry of love that You send forth,
enabling us to do some work of justice and peace,
as witnesses to Jesus Christ our Lord.


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