What Is The Living End?


This Living End blog-site is dedicated to collecting your stories about the Orthodox Christians around us who, in humble participation with the Lord Jesus Christ, act justly, reaching out in love and compassion – and of the lives being transformed because of it.

The Living End is seeing Christ’s face revealed in the face of every human person we encounter, and through them, imagining new ways to love Him. The Living End is our joyful participation in the creativity and the Jubilee economy of God’s self-offering way of reigning, rather than the self-serving way of earthly empire.  The Living End is abiding in the WAY of the kingdom of heaven – where the whole cosmos finds its sum and its fulfillment in the glorified Person of Jesus Christ.  The Living End is our beingin the world, but not of the world.”  The Living End is found in our continual co-operation with Christ (the New Adam) in His 8th Day of creation.  Our Divine Liturgy and the whole Eucharistic life of our Orthodox Church has The Living End at its heart. Ultimately, Christ intended for all Christians to live in ways that anticipate bringing about The Living End – as He taught us to pray, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

Who are the heroes in your parish who courageously reach out in compassion to become a blessing to the world around them?  Where do you see lives being transformed?  Perhaps even a whole group of people in your parish are valiantly working together to participate in Christ’s ministry?  Are they reaching out to the oppressed in your parish’s surrounding community?  Perhaps their work enters into a more global context, for instance in Africa, or South America?

Orthodox Christians need those stories to swap during coffee hour, inspiring each other to service. Orthodox priests and teachers need those stories to enliven and help illustrate their sermons and class topics.  Here, you can do the Church a great service by sharing the stories you know with the rest of the faithful.

Here above, in the column on the right, you will find that the stories have been tagged and categorized to help you find what you might come looking for in particular.

So what’s your story? (click here to submit one)


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